Why Atlas Paving?

Peter Panizza established Manx Bricks in 1954 to produce our eco-friendly calcium silicate bricks. Later, the company would become part of the Atlas Paving Group. In 1991 we began producing concrete pavers and, in 2004, we added reconstituted limestone paver production.

At Atlas Paving, we’re committed to the ongoing improvement of our products to ensure that our customers receive quality pavers and bricks.

We also endeavour to develop new solutions. In 1989 we began using biogas from landfill gas bores in our manufacturing process.

After investigating environmentally-friendly methods of waste disposal, we developed a totally integrated waste management solution – the Atlas Resource Recovery Facility. This innovative facility sets new standards for beneficial re-use of municipal solid waste and currently works in conjunction with the City of Stirling.

Today, we're still a family-owned business with a wealth of experience. We enjoy passing on our expertise to help you achieve the best results with your project.