Get Your Yard Summer Ready

Long days and pleasant nights spent with loved ones. The smell of the BBQ drifting over the fragrant air and the chatter of a crowded yard at the peak of summer…

Is your yard ready for summer? Have you just moved into your first home and are wondering what you should do with the backyard? Or have you been in your place for a while and have truly made it a home, yet want to revamp and renovate your yard?

Let’s take a look at some inspiring, fascinating and totally awesome DIY outdoor renovation ideas using paving.

The Humble Patio

The outdoor patio is an age old, non-pretentious and chilled out summer statement. It says “we’re here to relax, not work” – it’s a low maintenance, simple and lovely looking outdoor area. Lay some paving in your choice of colour, put in a small outdoor dining set and border it with your choice of greenery for an intimate environment to spend your summer nights in.

A Paved Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

Indoor-outdoor flow is increasingly becoming a popular theme in Australian outdoor renovation DIY jobs. The idea behind this is, you should be able to enjoy your yard as an eating and dining space as much as inside your home – without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.

Start with your choice of paving stones, choosing a colour that will work well with everything else that you have in mind for your project.

You can then just keep things simple – get a barbeque, an outdoor dining setting and set up some shade awnings to protect yourself from the sun. Or alternatively you could install a full bar, complete with stools and a mini fridge to keep you comfortable, and the drinks cold, on those hot summer weekends!

Paved Outdoor Living Space

This idea follows on from the previous one, yet instead of having a kitchen and dining space, install a living one! Get yourself some comfortable couches, chairs, cushions and other things that you, your family and close friends can lounge around on during the summer.

Install either some shade in the form of awnings, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous – a full timber roof with some skylights to bring some natural light.

Pick your choice of paving stones. A darker shade can be matched with a similar colour of furniture or vice versa.

Let this space open up to the yard beyond to fully achieve the indoor outdoor flow and let the smells and sounds of summer into your new outdoor living space!

Don’t Hesitate! Pick Up Some Tools

Hopefully after reading these ideas you’ll be chomping at the bit to get to work. Pick up some paving stones, dust off your tools and get ready to get sweaty! Once it’s done and you’re ready to throw your first BBQ in your amazing newly renovated yard it will all be worth it!