Waste Management

After years of worldwide research into waste disposal and recycling, we designed and set up Australia's first resource recovery facility (RRF) in 1998.

The aim of our facility is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill in an environmentally sustainable and economically viable way.

During the sorting process, waste is separated into recyclable items, organic matter and non-recyclable items.

Those items that can be recycled, such as steel and aluminium cans, glass and some plastics, are removed and packaged for recycling.

Any organic matter, such as food scraps, garden waste and paper, is also removed and transported to our Atlas Farm in Calingari, where it's turned into compost.

We operate our waste management facility together with the City of Stirling. You can read more about this initiative and view a virtual tour of the facility on the City of Stirling website.