Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Pavement

 Exposed aggregate is a type of concrete which is “exposed” by applying and removing concrete paste to reveal the aggregate in the paver. This type of pavement is growing in popularity and has become a must-have in many modern homes. It’s also commonly used as a DIY type of paving among homeowners for its easy installation.

Exposed aggregate has a range of benefits for decorative uses, too, due to its attractive appearance. One of the reasons for the popularity of exposed aggregate is its suitability for a vast range of different exterior styles and great tonal matches for any kind of home exterior. This paving also offers an excellent range of textures, ideal for landscaping and garden design purposes.


The Practical Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate has excellent credentials as a type of paving for practical purposes:

  • This very tough, very durable type of paving is suitable for all environments and has an impressive lifespan. In most cases, exposed aggregate paving may never require maintenance. These super-tough pavers provide good, reliable footing for front and back yards, and can take an enormous amount of wear and tear through the years.
  • Exposed aggregate is a reliable non-slip surface for foot traffic. For that reason, exposed aggregate pavers are commonly used in retail environments and public places. It’s almost impossible to slip on their rugged surfaces, making them ideal for liability management in areas exposed to rain or where slippery soils, like clay, are prevalent.

Exposed Aggregate Design Considerations

Unlike other forms of paving, exposed aggregate is an all-purpose, all-environment type of paving.  Typically, these pavers are available in neutral tones, perfect for modern designs with elegant options for presentation.

Perhaps the highest recommendation for exposed aggregate is that it is now the default choice of many designers, architects, landscapers and builders. This is one of the reasons why you see exposed aggregate practically everywhere in Australia.

Leading designers typically only use the best materials and exposed aggregate is a common choice among these professionals. Architects and landscapers also prefer top quality materials for both aesthetic and structural reasons. The top builders simply will not use inferior materials, particularly on access areas, for both practicality and design.

Exposed Aggregate and Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas, by definition, can be anything and everything. The best practice for these areas is to install dependable, usable access with exposed aggregate. The exposed aggregate pavers are ideal for access to patios, through gardens and any outdoor spaces.

Pavers may be laid individually, as “stepping stones”, or as a continuous pathway. The pavers are expertly bedded to keep them sitting flat and stable, remaining in place on steeper slopes. You can see why these pavers are so popular with the professionals; they’re efficient problem solvers for difficult outdoor areas.

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